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Fate Techtonics

i spread the seafloor of the universe that expands according to how bright i shine

i steam with noxious elements that make earthworm’s eyes blind

every word i speak creeps onto infinite courageously gathering attractive gravity

heald down with each vowel

while every consonant cups it to a string & pulley to wheel it back to me

i magnetically attack passing comets to explode in pre-selected rhythms of hiphop

once the tails burn out the heavens hale bop

the mysterious history’s original mystery is untraceable even by me – because i only exist in places that time cannot measure

and man’s mental treasures do not contain the data to grasp the fact that man – by definition

cannot understand this boundless frame that i sit in

heads of cosmogonists boggled to split ends

my thoughts travel in perfect elipses

when i get too much on my mind it results in solar eclipses

pleasures drift in a galaxy of wishes made one-by-one from children living in nine-hundred billion different billiard balls all falling asleep to life’s solem dark-ness

i scratch on Saturn’s turntable and drop a galactic chart hit

i take space tokes and blow out banded gaseous giants n’

wait patiently for the arrival of the bright flying Orionids

my vantage to the distance spans a blind sea

the plans for all existence reside inside me

the answers to all the questions are truthfully based on the way i choose to tell it

i am the eldest but flaked my graces to create agents of my ranging faces of practice

we meet every ten-million millenia to speak in the presence of Libra who impresses balance

i look to past events & decide how much time has passed since the last kid tracked his sandprints

had his hands strapped & slain

calculate the present date and make the tape replay

life exists on thin increments, organic galactic bar codes, a dark hole of lost breath

a constellation of connected deaths

a multiverse of isolated lives inside of my text

i slip behind event horizons where the shine is red shifted

bigger than understanding ’cause I stand where life has not existed

one creation that i reorder after the interest turns cold

big bangs and boom baps blast my thorax with worm holes

i forge souls from solar flares

i form circles from folded squares

i spilt a tear that burns the eyes and fills the skies with golden glare

my presence reaches to the depths & sets the order without force, without fail

I am the torque that turns wheels

I think with mathematics to draw random abstract symmetries

the only quantities are zero and infinite

it’s decided, not eccentric

a million years per minute since the print of your forensic

the visions in perception swept in faster in the depths of us

than collisions intersect per second transfered in a spec of dust

i’m trans-treacherous and loving, above me lies my ending

I’m everywhere you look, to never hide I’m never bending

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A Lonely Hunter

I first got into space as a kid when I learned about back holes.

The most ominous, mysterious thing in the universe.

It made Scoobie-Doo mysteries look ridiculous.

But much more, how the boundary around the hole,

whether ever-changing or stagnant,

is red-shifted,

where the speed of light,

the fastest and most impenetrable forces to the planet as we know it,

is seemingly slowed,

the wavelengths are,


and the object never approaches the hole in its entirety.

One could say an object could still be in sight,

though completely impossible to reach,


As is life.

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The Cut

Hmm. His run began nineteen seventy-nine, to now. Two days ago. So he  hasn’t even come out of what’s happened really.

Normally there’s an easy window to stay in before it’s ready to sink in. I can usually get ’em in by then.

This guy knew a lot of people. This is going to be easy.

He achieved a lot. So the productive nature’s taken care of. There’s gonna be a lot of positive energy coming from this guy I’m sure.

I can take the feelings between him and his first few friends and have half of this complete and get him taken care of quick. I think that’s always a perk.

Of goodness.

Spirituality, devout, attitude, definitely suffices for the internal substance. Gave lots of love up and down the river. Strong winds brewing above the current. Yeah, they’ll be glad to have him.

Some frantic energy sometimes when looking at him up close. That always hurts. He’s human though, so, there’s always a little.

Seems like now more than ever.

The time they waste when they’re kind of bouncing around unfocused always costs a little in the end. (Not a lot of that transfers into things I can use.)

Need the full picture… Need the full picture.

Ohhh. Hhhhhh. Another day gone. He might actually get through this earlier than I thought. He’s restless and has some pretty good depth. I was going get up and stretch my wings for sec but don’t think I want to risk it.

He deserves it.

Checking out the close circle plus the ripple.

Actually a lot of that’s  still going. Good.

As soon as they produce that societal benefit like that, they’re pretty much golden.

(We like that up here. We joke and say it matches the gates.)

Especially the ones like these. It’s still not quite perpetual motion, but the elasticity of these influences I’d bet on being rejuvenated now and again. If nothing more than one generation. Depending.


Full frame.

Bright colors even.

This will lift him up and get him where he needs to go.

(And a hollow space was reabsorbed by a host of resonating, virtuous deeds. The charge between the two made it something again. Existence.)


(Where we want to stay.)

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