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He enters the pub, a love for grub & hugs. He chugs his ale.
The smiles & the banter, the signs on the rafters of clubs he loves to hail.
He fist bumps the bartender, high fives the car-pen-ters, shakes hands with Martha & Gayle
Drinks down his pint & he orders a bite & his appetite never fails.
Dances a jig & romances the women whose husbands have gone to jail.
He speaks from the heart & tosses darts & parks upon the rail.

It’s magically flattering, casually gathering, chatter & bantering, laugh at the weather we all come together on Mr. Flaherty’s Saturd’y.

He embellishes, relishes, tells us the stories, forever a glorious yarn.
The youthful who shoot pool with dilated pupils aren’t too cool to carry him on.
Their boisterous voices are hoisting us joyously, carr’ing a merrious song

We drink to Mr. Flaherty
Clink to Mr. Flaherty
We fill up our mugs and jittery jugs
on Mr. Flaherty’s Saturd’y

He welcomes the afternoon stumbling past the loo smiling his snaggle tooth grin
The fish & the chips and the Brie and the bisque and the cheese and the crisps are on him
He greets any newcomer happy as few others asks “Where ya coming from friend?”
Gets them a few waters, salads with cucumber, changes the channel for them
He dances along to any old song and sings to the top of his lungs
The rest get to guess as to what he’ll play next as he orders a round of rum
For fun

We’re deep with Mr. Flaherty
Drink on every Saturday
We fill up our mugs for love uh’ the lug
on Mr. Flaherty’s Saturd’y

It’s naturally flattery, gathering casually
banter & chattering, actually fattening
dancing together, no matter the weather on Mr. Flaherty’s Saturd’y.


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