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We Are People Of The World.

We feel each other’s presence in this global whirlpool

where spirits travel on trade winds

and pheromones of foreign bodies infuse the space around them.

We exist with one another like ancient tribal families

who dance around the same fire and share cave space

with equal protection from rain and wind.

We feel each other’s pain when an appendage of

our communal body is mistreated or damaged.

We share in the unifying joy of accomplishment

as when the gravity around one individual is weakened

we all rise with them.

We Are People Of The World and our village is vast.

Our hearts are joined with brick and mortar

so no wedge can separate our unified bodies.

No idea can interfere in our cohesion.

No person can interrupt our harmony.

We dance like a constellation across the heavens

moving to the natural oscillation of our soul winds.

Our vision is gifted from celestial knowledge

guided by timeless wisdom renewed daily with the rise of the sun

as its life-giving glow breaks the crevice of the horizon.

Our pulse is part of a collective rhythm

growing increasingly perfect with each measure.

We Are People Of The World

and despite the tectonic shifts that move our planet

and spread the seafloor there is no separating our family.

We walk the same Earth and share the same warmth

nutrifying all bodies with the same energy.

We are one existence.

We eat different meals at different times

but we give the same thanks.

We share the same gratitude for another day of life

and hug our families with the same ferocity.

We cannot be turned against one another.

We support each other beyond any claims laid by nations.

We come together and appear homogenous

despite the various shades of skin reflecting from our faces.

There is no religion can that divide us.

We Are People Of The World and our identity is one.

Though some of us have never met

we stand with our spiritual arms linked

in a chain of humanistic unity

signifying the goodness inherent between brothers and sisters.

We are the family through which existence continues.

We are the life that prevails despite the evil that brings death.

We are the natural spirit that aligns all people

amidst the deceptions peddled

by those set to benefit from our conflict.

We are love without fail.

We are achievement without effort.

Our destiny is a timeless renewal of hope and progress.

We live on time with today.

We are the promise that brings a more beautiful tomorrow.

We Are People Of The World with no reason to hide.

We have a global network of caring faces.

We are there for our friends when they find themselves trapped.

We reach out our hands to pick each other up from the ground.

We speak up for each other and speak well of each other.

There’s no division amongst our ranks.

There’s no hierarchy between our members.

We are the natural order that cannot be compromised by politics

or religion.

We carry each other’s flags and wave them

because they are our own.

We represent the freedom to live that is inherent in all places.

Our shine cannot become dull as long as there is breath in our lungs.

Our eyes are collectively radiant.

We are the world in all its magic and majesty.

We are the love between all things.


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