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My spirit scoffs at this condition
This soft cloth that I’ve been draped in is ready to be shed
I look down, look up,
Look left, look… Well, ‘try’ to look right as much as I can
I forget what’s over there
I retreat to my blessings
My soul wants to shribble but I know it’s set and ready
My return
My travel
I’m ready to connect to the stars and the moons
I’m ready to rejoin the scriptures
My body is getting weaker so it can’t hold me to this plane much longer
It’s letting me go so I can move on
I’m light-headed and weak
Perhaps the part of me that’s reaching out
the spectral fingers sprawling up, uncurling towards the heavens
Maybe these are the sensations of becoming part of the Greater once again
I don’t remember this
But I know
I know everyone coming around doesn’t see it
But I’m going home
I’m okay
I see you
I love you too
But I’m fine
I’m more than fine
I’m going home


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The worlds collided
very fabric of our time ignited
torn like children riot minded kids that Malachi divided
Pageantry of casualties, collamities in Amnitty
portals in the city, mortal families in Albany
global oval fallacies fanning the reaction
endothermic murder perm-nent subversive cursive regiment
sure rehearsed in detriment
an excellency action
the spinning posi traction over-acted
alpha dominance
out of balance damage mounted talents to its prominence
polar caps to magma, gravitational and fire swept
explosive moment jet kinetic faster than the timer kept
evap-orated glaciers cirroSTRATus zero chance acidity
celestial confessional for the planet’s scant morbidity
submissive to the rhythms driven universal pulse
engulfed in bulk beyond the strength of Hulk I sulk in lost confessionals that cuneiform results
explosion polka dots the heavens fell in synchronicity
towards the largest scheduled unpredictable atrocity
the pearls combined to form a bi-unit of ferocity
due to cosmic forces their velocity was promising
comprised of masses’ massive mass momentum distant gunning dart
powerful confliction with the biggest running start
to contradicting evolution useless sense of energy
to deconstruct the progress of infinite lives they’ve given me
the ricochet was sick and stretched a million years of light away
the outer most of galaxies had just a moment of delay
I pray the angels intersect inject themselves, what the Hell they for?
anomalies directed to correct the shit they billed me for
the twisting core created life and lightning struck the center
self-adjustments stole the life from us
and made it something better

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