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You look up into the stars and you cry at night.
You look up at the sun and try to hold it in.
One day you’ll escape from this. One day it’ll be right.
But for now you show weary and your soul grows thin.

We walk through days upon days, stepping into tomorrow with no way to hold on.
Our feet have each other, but we have no one.
One day we’ll be done with this and leave a place vacant.
Unable to carry days to where the rest of them take it.

Digging holes to go nowhere help the hours pass for now.
Taking action without intention helps you look like something else.
Strip mining life can’t get you down to find warmth.
But getting used to freezing seems to slowly help.

The value of a day depends on how you looks at minutes.
The importance of the forest shows the way you love yourself.
I’ve never cast an anchor ’cause to drift is what I’m bound to.
The ocean’s sense of motion’s the assumption of my wealth.

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