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The Golden Beam

I live in this world

I am not from another planet

My existence relies on the Sun and its light

I study the light because it gives me the ability to see God

We know the speed of light

We know the Sun’s rays are made of particles, photons

I raise my arm from side to side measuring the displacement

to replicate the wave length

God sent us this light

because God is light

God needs light to be God 

God is on this planet

And all of us

We are on this planet

We are of this planet

We are of the light

and due to our connection to our wonderful star

we are also beyond this planet

God is the mountains absorbing every inch of nearly 93 million miles of light

a continuous beam of God 

reaching out to touch 

nothing other than another form of its very own self

God is every plant and animal on the mountains turning its light 

into its life

God is the ocean reflecting photons 

and glistening in its glory

Warming the seas and providing the chance to live to creatures deep below

down to fathoms beyond where any measure of light is detectable

though its reach is there

Providing breath to the deepest trench

where God can still be found

God is in the cities

rich with footprints and endless in the energy of progress

God is in the villages with the Godly people who travel down roads 

bathing themselves in their own light

God is in the sunflowers as much as the ivy

the elk as much as the otter

the falcon as much as the serpent

The nobility and the peasant have equal light inside of them

God is in the many as well as the few

God is in 

and is

our planet

God is a sick fish absorbing micro-plastics

God is a jungle turned to wasteland

God is a river run dry

God is a village turned warzone because diamonds were found

God is the love that every thing needs

God is in the every thing that is needing that love

God is today as equally as tomorrow

Tomorrow the same as yesterday

God is an African-American lesbian

God is a father who loves the God inside his children

traveling across lands for their safety

God is in the dying mother with no access to medicine

God is the human with no rights

God is in the children stolen into slavery

God is in the boy who loves his best friend with all his bravery and might

God is the altar boy

God is the light that cannot be dimmed

The light that permeates and feeds

The light that reflects and shines

The love that warms

The love that connects us

The love that can be challenged but not broken

The love that can be ignored but never forgotten

The light that refracts into all colors

The colors that create every image

You are of this world 

As much as beyond it

You are the light equally of here 

as of there

Because you are nothing without it

Because you are nothing without God

Because you can only be you

You can only be God

Like everything else

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