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i see a memory in the distance… what is it

what assistance can I give it to allow this clouded recollection to step into the clearing

it’s nearing the loch.

oh don’t let it get lost as it walks to that lazy grayish haze

and fades into my mental centuries of days passed.

the contemplation that’s both simple and whimsical is instrumental

in the combination that’s both mental and physical

which gives amazement to this pencil that wrote mystical guidelines

as I find my deranged abstract companion has changed paths.

it shoots its gaze back after it shoots its crazed laughs and chatter

as it pulls me through shoots and ladders as characters and slides are characterized

by the eyes shining through its translucence that proves it’s a figure of familiarity.

i feel it radiate friendship as it stands to stare at me

it steps as if stalking me and walks so awkwardly

flaunting itself as a hidden remembrance that still imprints with nameless existence

it’s with this ghostly tool that it captivates my attention and sends my mind tremblin to the bottom of my stomach

i feel faint but come from it just in time to rub my eyes like I was hypnotized

and find myself forgetting again.


i see a memory in the distance and can’t resist its presence

i can tell it’s frustrated for some reason only by the distorted aura circling around its area

i can’t hear the words it’s mouthing but the wind seems arousing

and reaching to carry a team of out-stretched spectral fingers that fly in the dim light

and riding the wind right into my beating chest presses hard launching an assaulting barrage charging my cerebrum as I feel ‘em massage deep into my psyche.

it’s frightening and unlikely but what was one lost now strikes me

as a fallen ghost and I can almost remember from the second it touched me from afar

illuminating my awakening consciousness that I thought had just come from a star

and I fall back as I step away and clench persistent wrists that grip me from the inside

and rip ignorance from its inner shell.

it’s looming fingertips creeping deep into where my most concealed memories dwell

while sweating I swell as my forethought is brought from heaven through hell

into a place it can almost recognize.

from afar i feel the pain of its cold eyes as these strange hands glide to reclaim old ties

i wrench against the thoughts that these nails pull

i can’t let it set into me – it’s just too painful

i’m feeling my brain pull back into my happy little life

bringing an end to its images of figment appendages as it enters the light

it goes on with its photonic bombardment seemingly releasing its target completely.


i see a memory in the distance.

i know nothing of its existence and cannot seem to bring it close enough to know its touch

and remember its tender moments we probably once shared

it must be scared to be given attention

or too startled to claim whatever part of my brain it fits in.

it makes its decision and sits in the breeze.

its form flying free and earthless

it soars in a world of stories and past dreams i can’t bring to the surface

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EDDIE Barringer’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Some of us may be familiar with EDDIE Barringer’s history having co-produced Thievery Corporation’s song Stargazer in 2011 and Sleepy Wonder’s album Injustice in 2010 but until now we didn’t know what a personal effort from the artist might sound like. Having now heard this album it’s with a sense of urgency that I share a brief synopsis.


Eddie Barringer Self Fulfilling Prophecy Cover Art

due out December 9, 2014

Preorder on iTunes and Amazon MP3


BFly is the first track on this album and I feel it was a mental exercise as much as a song. We begin with what sounds like an old low-fi recording of a jam session and then launch into an audible galaxy of rich production and a slow rhythm and blues style dub beat. It feels like you just sat down and blasted out of Space Mountain

The experience lies in catching onto this rich contrast and having the vocals, rich but smooth, come in soon after giving you one of those “stop in your tracks and listen” moments. In the split second it’s taken you to get attune to the lyrics the entire landscape has already been smoothed over and the song is now defined. EDDIE’s driving this thing. I’ll linger on this song a little more because it is immediately an interesting tune. The organ and the chorus are intoxicating.


Having set a huge bar just now we move onto Til Dawn, where intelligently we deconstruct into a slightly slower but harder beat, a little electronics and reverb – and again EDDIE. Listen closely as we go from a kick-beat into a reggae style and then back to the opening sound again. The lyrics are uplifting. I’ll refrain from quoting a line because anyone who is going to purchase this (Dec 9) owes it to themselves to give it a proper listen.


In Color is a stronger sound. EDDIE’s “don’t judge me lyrics” build on the positive, conscious writings he created for this album. The I dream in color harmony is the part that will be stuck in your head one day – happily so. The song’s good and reminds me of a little of something from the 90’s I’ve long forgotten about – and ingeniously placed is a sharp sample to let you know you’re on the right path.


We stay on a good tip with Positive Place. We’re ride on a simpler beat because every word here is a powerful and preachable statement that should be heard. I’m feeling the glitchy samples styled into this track, keeping the message from becoming too heavy and adding a bit of fun to what’s going on here.


Flowers is a good, good vibe. Soul pours overtop these bars. EDDIE’s delivers something more classic than modern and the beat swings more than kicks. This one you’ll find yourself playing for somebody.


We reach the title track with Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. From the get-go you have a feeling EDDIE’s going to deliver on this song. You can make it happen carries you through the transitions between the verses and breaks. The production soars on this song. Well done.


The guitar riff and stop-go type drummer is what I like about Action. The lyrics bring us to a place where the problems of the world are demanding that something be done. It all melts together into a beautiful piece of art. “Don’t just say care – care is an action. “ I like that.


B4ilay as a reflective, slow song is a memorable moment in the overall album. It is so lulling, so nice, so relaxing that you realize just how mentally active the first half has been.


“Don’t love me to death, love me to life.” I like it already.

Next is KTWK, which stands for Kill Them With Kindness and is a cool choice to follow the previous track. It picks up the pace a bit but then also develops into a bright, melodious tune. At this point you’re realizing EDDIE can do no wrong.


I Got Music (on my mind) is next. Vocally we’re taken somewhere new with EDDIE winding through a faster cadence and revisiting holding certain tones longer – a noticeable and skillful change in the delivery. Contrast that with a chanting chorus and you really have something cool to listen to.


Perfect is a slow build. A lost & found series of drum hits and a dribble of a bass line that soon come to cohesion and turn into a steady rhythm. I believe this is the slowest track on the album but in no way does it bring you down. As EDDIE daydreams to the listener, painting an image over thoughts of what perfection looks like, you’re once again fully engaged in what’s coming from your speakers. Another favorite of the album.


I See Dem Watching comes stomping in. Sleepy Wonder drives into your chest with his known style of reggae. It’s slow, it’s fast. You want to listen, you want to dance. You’re taken back to how the album opened by how much your attention is picked up and carried all over the place again. Each sound, each rhythm, each voice – damn – what a way to finish.



* * * * *



The talent hidden in EDDIE EDDIE Barringer is one due for the world to see.

There is not another album just like this. The vocals, even when soft, are strong. They fit themselves to audible backdrops of all different styles and tempos not normally matched with such conscious lyrics. Musically there is a lot of invention going on from start to finish as well. The listener’s focus gets caught between kicking drums, a dub line, and an R&B chorus that stay perfectly held together. It’s genius in concept and executed perfectly. Instead of fusing into a marginalized sound, the influences and elements of each track stay separate. They coexist instead of meld. The result is a painting of musical diversity, something truly new and different for each song.


The writing is consistent. Bold but easy. Powerful but pleasant. Pulled from a well of positivity running deep within the artist. You can tell the singer feels every part of his message. The voice behind the pen is introspective, insightful and interesting. None of the songs here take effort but instead pass through your speaker easy and all with a message of “negativity won’t ever win” and “music is my freedom”.


These are the ones we need to be writing our hits and radio singles.


EDDIE BARRINGER set out do something different with this album and was incredibly successful. Share this with your friends and coworkers because a follow-up to this album will be desperately needed.





due out December 9th worldwide 

Preorder on iTunes and Amazon MP3












Review: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

No Choice Music Group ASCAP BMG Chrysalis US

Sleepy Wonder featured on track #12 I See Dem Watching.







Will Hockaday


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