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Sects In The City

She never knew that there were scars beneath the rainbow

All she thought of were the stars above the halo

Taking on the world so she’s doesn’t have to look

at any personal contaminants that poison her worth

Wants to be the strongest thing and just surrounds herself with stings

1 of 3 that cut the world in corners starting at the sea

She couldn’t try harder and she does it on the daily

but never hitting targets cause there’s errors in her aiming

They rightly call her Amy, occasionally “Baby”

Laying out the boundaries before you started playing

Making up her countenance, illustrious and counterfeit

Hair and cloth immaculate but nothing there to back it with

And she knows her weakness

Free of any mental health impairments or diseases.

Eager to achieve the life lesson from the deal-er

Feeling more attractive once you get to know the real her

Freezes on the spot whenever intimate, inanimate,

infatuated with the girls who aren’t but acts like isn’t havin’ it

Just a downtown woman

Going for the sweetest spot when reachin for the puddin

And she doesn’t know that it takes

less than what she’s givin’ just to give it away

So she grins in a daze

of corporate endorsements, the scores and the rates

From birth the earthquakes her innards breaking her train

after signature fame or during dinner debates

one thing’s for sure she still feels the tremors and shakes.



She didn’t know the definition of a blessing

but the curses found her pressed against the bed springs

Keeping up the hustle with the uptown life

ever fitting the description of the touch-down type

She studied hard and life didn’t seem to test her

but the education wasn’t the semesters

She only wanted love but only found herself in lust

wanting hope in something permanent in which to put her trust

Wants to overcome a life history of glances

asked about her politics and carry romances

But that’s putting it simply

No one tries to understand the qualities of Cindy

Friendly on the nose and even fresher on the palate

Balanced in her life but always looking for an outlet

She takes the bad with the good

Not respected for her mind like professionals should

But she’s comfortable in settings when she’s in for the kill

Knowing how to smile and take it right to beheading, never getting the bill

It’s a bitter sugar life but she leans on the water

Just to wash it down and stomach what she got from her mother

She feels the superficiality

Studied by the boss and every man in the cavalry

Special to herself and lost the innocent purpose

Mentally adept but rarely breaking the surface

And she knows she’s a soldier

But less attractive closer like nobody wants to know her

So she slows it down and reads a book in the bed

Better company the knowledge than the previous men

She gets attention in buckets but couldn’t seem to be followed

Getting older so her life has got her sleepy and hollow

She’ll rest her head for tomorrow

looking for a spot of a love for what a dollar could borrow

There’s so much soul in her wake

But there’s no one in her ocean so it washes away.



She always saw the light behind the rain cloud

and didn’t spend the time to try & think how

It’s hard to sit down when you’ve traveled the world

Just a first-world problem for this mid-town girl

There isn’t any limb she’d ever dangle on

living for the moment and the lesson she can take along

She marches to her favorite song

Carries her relations to her center givin open arms

There isn’t anybody who’s cooler

But she wishes that her friends could be vicarious through her

Stepping over any self-made issues

But ready with the shoulder and a package of tissues

She’s always got the time for her friends

Cause she knows there isn’t much in life as important as them

She’s adorned to be Kim

Doesn’t matter if she’s heavy, undernourished or slim

But she feels for their weight

The baggage, their dilemmas, their predictable fate

To everybody she’s a magnet

the positive alignment in a way they find attractive

Talks to herself like cheerleader

And not a soul alive that she fears neither

Steers through the past and can’t worry about the future

Can’t waste time worrying if the feeling doesn’t suit her

But she understands other hands delt and feels empathy swells

been to college and acquired strong knowledge of self

There’s a deep well dwelling under still waters telling

One life, one love, butterflies in her belly

But nobody’s an island

She catches up and reconnects when wining and dining

She’s got smiles by the hundreds and the roots of a tree

No hesitation living for the people to see

So she’s sitting down to eat, a reservation for three.

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