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Daily Mission

As the dark silk of night melts across my blue horizon the cooler skies endrenched in blackened moments takes its grip to pull the drapen wholeness covering the openness recovering the still of night encumbering my being whole when all is told I like the soul discovery.



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I stand diversity aware beyond the color scheme of panda bears
and plan to pair my findings with a fully loaded spectrum
Once addressed I’m sure the faded soul can qualify complexion
and satisfy connection where the painted eyes are destined
I’ll follow autumn’s yawning casting shadows on my arbors
Words like falling leaves abound but only caught by authors
A solem phrase in moonlight floating silently on water
Eclipsed in centered space, adrift on lillypads that wander
Replenish energy reserves by laying still and motionless
Have angels on perimeter, patronum to my openness
I’m to the moon & over, cows follow my trajectory
expectedly I question if the universe selected me
I speak in morse code tapped in tides and white spray
Use lunar cycles guiding me through night to find day
I’ll intervene divinely turn square worlds spherical
wave to you through ocean currents interpreting a miracle

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Warped Tour stickers, Coors, liquor, and a cigarette
a Tv set and GPS assessible to internet
thirty pounds of dog food,
pics from the Log Floom, 
pogs from a cartoon,
bottles leaking perfume
two or three recycling bags, cans, plastics
trash, pens, pants and strings with elastic
dog hammock, can of beans, listerine, a garden trowel
Mr. T beach towel, toilet paper, cap & gown
pennies, nickels mostly,
M&M’s & Hosties
Wendy’s fry cartons, darts & some dope seeds
a backpack, a rack of lamb, a saddle and a coal brand,
matches and a Skoal can, a Seattle fan’s foam hand
Coke cans with polar bears, Scrabble and a camel pack,
sun shade, unpaid tickets, spare flats, – adirondacks,
three Seventeen magazines, pills, ketamines
cannabis, big Swiss army kit, dungarees
jumper cables, paper clips, cicadas skins, & flavored chips
Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Invincible and Dangerous
sweatshirts, skirts lost, long johns, flip flops
Webster’s, sleds, stirs, webs, and some dead worms
a crate of eggs, wigs, chicken, pudding tops and Popsicles
Pilates mats and bicycles, some vitamins and five pickles
a lobster, and a Monster cable, paper dolls, Hokie charms,
perogies, hogies, sodas, Mr. Holland’s Opus, cobras, Pokemon,
Legend Ale and Ginger Ale, some dentures, stale Doritos
receipts, burritos, Speedos, “Plains, Trains” and “3 Amigos”
clearance sale pinatas, papas fritas, encheritos
enchiladas, nachos, sopapillas, guavas, guac & pico,
Tapatillo, jalapeños,  melted queso quesadillas,
coat hangers, soap, Yaeger, Red Bull, Red Stripe
coats, gold diggers, cold Millers, spare head lights
rope, Stone Splitter head piece and a kid’s bike
curtains, Purple Rain, cocaine, a stick of Kurt Cobain cologne
deodorant, a motor kit, En Vogue on record, leopard robe
underwear, Kelis’ single, Pringles cans, tanning lotion
panties, Ocean Spray, Hip Hop Hooray cassette, & Billy Ocean
Twelve insects that procreate, Chardonnay & opiAtes,
Dolly Parton, Starter cap, Haddaway & roller skates
petit fours, dinosaurs, a video recorder
Art of War, some fauna flor-a, wrinkled slacks and a menorah?

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when I walk this route without you it’s surprising I enjoy it
’cause I stumble over technique and lower my performance,
so maybe it’s the step itself and not the larger measure that
produces pleasure for me, not the X’s on the treasure map,
the ground-residing toadstool and dandelion pom-poms
thump like little drummers from the peat beneath the palm fronds,
            a riff that still exists for me even though your arm’s gone,
I left without my watch and didn’t even tie my tennis shoes, forgot to fill my water up and didn’t do my stretches,
but the reckless sense of order feels correct if not infectious,
and I’ll testify perceptions – seem to tell me that I wasn’t crazy – beauty seems to be a breeze the trees discover daily,
 and there’s comfort in the way we all exist with one another
so we still connect directly even when I miss my lover

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