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Blue Slippers

Past all these nice homes.
Lights on. (Lights off.)
Mostly off…
Nodding to those I pass by. Feels good to stretch my knees.
Something feels kind of off though, so I take baby steps.
(Ahhhhh) deep breath.
It’s a little drafty. I’ll tighten my coat some.
Ha – didn’t realize I hadn’t even changed out of my slippers today.
I thought I had my loafers on.
Oh well. They’re comfy.
I’ve forgotten where I was going to go now.
I’ll just have a walk and turn around when I decide I’m finished.
“Hi neighbor.” (smile)
A couple folks are sweeping.
“Excuse me. Ma’am. Mrs. Doughty. Excuse me… ” (someone keeps saying behind me).
I wish they would answer them.
They’re not talking to me.
It’s looks like there’s some things going on up ahead.
There’s always new things.
Why can’t people just leave stuff alone. Always changing.
“Hi there ladies”
They all wear these blue outfits. Maybe it’s a work uniform.
They all seem like they work together anyways.
(I don’t think they said “Hi” back.)
Everybody’s doors are open.
You can see folks watching television or visiting with their family. (“Hi there.”)
This is a nice place.
I wonder what’s around the bend up there.
AH! (Watch out!)
That guy almost ran me over.
Those electric motors are so quiet.
I can hear everyone’s noises now. (Code E… Code E!)
A couple of left turns and I think I’m a little lost.
It’s so bright!
(Excuse me. Ma’am... Mrs. Doughty!)
I turn around to face a young man.
He looks funny at me.
I look down at the floor.
Ah – I’ve been carrying my remote control from the TV.
Funny how you don’t notice some things.
He lets me keep it.
Young fellows are so nice. They’re always helping me with one thing or another.
“Thanks sweetie.”
He wants me to come this way.
We turn around and walk.
Ooh – I don’t think I’ve been here before.
He’s talking to his friend about a lady who doesn’t remember her husband’s funeral.
Poor thing.
That does remind me though – I wonder where Henry is.
He usually wants his breakfast before now.
I think the kids were coming by today after their ball game…
They’re getting so big.
Oh I think this nice man has a friend.
They want me to come this way.
I don’t know them but they seem nice.
They remind me of my son.
I wonder if this is a school.
They help me sit down back in my recliner. (I wonder where it came from.)
I’m a little tired.
Seems like I can’t go too far without needing a little nap anymore.
I think I’ll take one.
I wonder if the kids had a good time at the game today.
Maybe when I wake up Henry will be here.

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