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It’s a  special man that brought us here today

we’ve been so blessed, with the fellowship and fond memories,

many of us for our entire lives 

with the love and joy of spending time with my grandfather, 

we’ve come to share one last moment, and show our love for him one more time

My grandfather represented to me so many things

He always brought me back to another world during another time

older times

with values like hard work, honesty, simplicity, 

things that never become unpopular or go out of style

My grandmother and him in so many ways were examples to the world

in how we should care for each other, in ways that two people affect the lives of so many

he’s the last of my grandparents,

and with his passing concludes four of the most special people in my life who have moved on beyond this world 

and taken a world of love with them

Big Papa as we called him was gentle in his ways and strong in his beliefs

one of the many ways I see his example and am proud to have him all these years

I always liked to see him and my grandmother (because seeing one always meant seeing the other) 
and that dedicated love, again, is something I so love about them

but it really was in the more recent years

where they needed a little help sometimes

that my time with them became even more special 

For the first time I could really DO something for them

and it made me enjoy my time with them even more than I ever had

My sister and I will always remember my grandpa’s jokes, and his playful ways 

as some of the things we’ll miss most about him

Any meal I’ve ever eaten with him ended in a full force effort to give him as much and many desserts as our Noni would allow

because it made you happy to see him happy

even through his weakest moments he’d still perk right up over something sweet

my father and I recently one night helped feed him, having trouble understanding what he wanted and wondering if how well he understood what you were trying to do – but we said Papa how about some ice cream
and he said “oh yeah I’ll take some ice cream”

I always joked with him about being so good looking and wishing I had gotten a little more of that

And his smile and the sound of his laugh are two things I don’t think I’ll ever forget

it’s hard to do justice to someone that you and everyone that You love, cared so greatly for  

but to remind ourselves of the many fond memories we all have of my grandfather

is a gift in and of itself

may those good times be stirred

and sit forever in your hearts

as we remember someone so special

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Log 27:76

Dear RoseMarie,
You’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve traveled further than ever expected possible and seen more stars in one gaze of an eye than most people have ever seen in a lifetime. I wish there was some way for you to see any one thing from this travel. But we both know there is no chance of that.
Whereas once we could barely believe the fortuitousness to which we dwelled in the warm rays of the sun, the coordinates have changed and now it appears we’ve become destined for night. I think of your mother often and with no way to measure the time that has passed I stand at increasing risk of never seeing her. With the increasing pressure it has become necessary that the rest of the group here has been required to keep to their quarters as I have to mine. Our release is not of our own control though I am aware of alternatives should the situation become so dire. We have challenged the very limits of the horizon to find it’s end in hopes to benefit countless others from our discoveries.
RoseMarie I think of you my dear every day and there’s nothing more powerful that strikes my heart than to know you are not here. Initially this journey was for you but now I know that fate will not benefit that purpose to which it was incepted.
You will never know the cost to which I have fiendishly chosen this journey nor what has been lost day by day since its departure. Every year provides more hardships than the one prior but still we press on.
I’ve seen matters unimagined by any human before, most shocking to the eye or inconceivable to the mind. People have nearly been driven mad by the quietude but seem to have found friendship in one another. I believe we may have even obtained additional help over the years as there are newer voices to people to whom I have never been introduced. The vessel is one so large that I had barely traversed its girth even before our previous orders of quarantine. I don’t know when we may all be able to stand before one another but I would love to hear the stories of their own travels so as to one day share them with you.
I miss you my dear.
I’m sorry you were never able to be born as I was never able to find your mother. These burdens lie on me, your father and no one else will suffer the pains as much as I. This path has been laid and as we all knew when we were first shown the destination there is no turning back once the course has been set. In my mind I’ve laid a thousand roses on your grave for never giving you the chance to come and change the world for the better as I am assured was to be your destiny. With each silent hour my only consolation available is to continue this journal that you will never hold. I will see this through to my last day and arrive at the irony an endless number of times that this effort was originally for you. So that you could be the best possible person and have whatever you might need. I’m sorry I have failed you so terribly my dear but rest assured my love for you will always be unyielding and ever-present. Should we ever be turned to wreckage with nothing but my documentation as a record of this journey, it will be apparent how much I loved you as much it is how futile it would be to try to track you down to deliver this series that might be mistaken as your entitlement.
To my beloved. Though your heart could never beat it assuredly had enough love to heal the world.
-data encrypted-
-log off-



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I feel like I’m walking a misty stair 

twisted, under cared 

despair, in disrepair 

a grim laire, with tread bare, 

with bread scarce, and legs wear 

dread pressed in thin air 

the dead dressed in threads bare 

with slim face, a dim stare 

the lungs gone, they aren’t there 

the cheeks long, the flesh tears 

the breath old, the blood cold 

the sweat molds to wept soul 

 the ghosts hold a long pose 

Who goes there, Were you told 

I know nothing, have no hold 

the stair winds, but who goes 

the dust rail, a rust bold 

a trust sold, a hand fold 

I march on, but don’t gain 

I climb high, but stay same 

I hear voice, but no name 

they speak words, without say’n 

They reach in, but don’t claim 

They look close, and don’t blame 

 I lose stride, but still rise 

they grab arms, they bring sighs 

we all march in grey strides 

my sight greys to their eyes 

 the bright days, for their lives



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The fabled city of Deffenborg prospers. Their citizens strong. The literature of the Deff has in this future come to rival the venerable contributors from any previous continent or millennia. No cuisine has laid such a foothold into the recipes of ages nor landed so nobly onto the palettes of refined tongues near and abroad. Though these legendary establishments were bred from the once utter demise of the very same book of senses. A phoenix born of the most barren heap of cinder and smoldering ash.
In preservation lies the passion in which the world’s astonishments are lain on paper. Tales of victory and woe, poetry that enlivens the greatest chambers of the heart and beads perspiration upon the brow. Histories documenting and spinning the yarns of a thousand wooly figures that once graced this magnificent country. In experimentation lies the very soul that has heightened the cooks, bakers and chefs of this people. Use of oils and herbs and spices prepared without conformity that invade and enliven the most entranced regions of the cerebral cortex. A chest of treasure bred of tastants and odorants instead of silver and gold is the inheritance of the youth in Deffenborg.
A civilization iconic in ways only known to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Cypriots though true, these people have endured more than they have thrived. Out of necessity has the kindling of deprivation been stoked to flame from its glowing embers. This is a people who do not speak to another another. A people who must ensnare their remaining senses or else become unfit and useless in their basic survival as a species. Over time the Deff grew to become nearly mute in ability due to weakness in their most flaccid sense of all. The Deff deprived themselves, voluntarily I might add, of their tendency to listen until they starved the neurologic synapses into acute hibernation. As this void pandemically grew the oratory skills soon became the secondary victim of their ways. The tendency to not listen became the inability to hear. Without the purpose of language grew the vacancy of voice. The Deff nowadays stand our planetary leaders in stocking the culinary and literary canon, but devoid of lingual and auditory skills they have lay famine to their culture in music and oration. Their longstanding survival may very well lie once again with their ability to develop a seed from draught, and in doing so save an impoverished element of human survival from perish.

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times and tides

As sand crumbles through my fingers changes circle me and swallow

documented, noted, set afloat in drifting bottles

I throttle ocean currents permanently on the tides

and watch the continental drift amidst the oceanic rise

I wander silent tides into a worn appreciation

til the dunes erode to sediments the hour glass has taken

Sun forsaken, salted, dried and time decayed from tumbled waves,
the water wades upon me talking humbly to my presence

My Caribbean soul engulfs a mortal body’s essence

We spread horizon wide and rest appreciative in bed

for anytime our spirits drift with more ascension than they ebb

The fate of anchors weigh on me though weight is just illusion

chained to frames of endless name compressing what was buoyant

Changes make the music, grooves between the moving currents

sings the smoothest words of praise forever raising my assurance

When the bottles drift for centuries they bring with them commitment

understanding that the contents can’t combine with outer liquid

for salinity’s obtrusion can degrade the basic truths when

the ancient honored movements touches aqueous solution

I’ve hurricanes and tidal waves to crush the dreams of many

Pulling weight from out the heavens to assault the bodies living

Where our sediments can mix returning soul to soil and sand

springs a reef beneath the surface catching remnants in its hand

When you break the lies of gravity we sink beyond the skies

Hence the reason why we leave our breath beyond the times and tides


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It makes perch upon my shoulder and digs its needles through my skin.

Sinks beneath my being silently to let it in.

Beacons to the shadows growing strong from frailty of light.

Scarcity of nutrient, cloaking darkness over sight.

Its gaze can see in front of me, its eyes aside my own.

It knows the past behind us. Hollow as its bones.

It walks along my stanzas unknown to ever rest.

It plays me like an instrument with reeds that know me best.

It’s silent on my arm except when pecking at my soul.

Its claws are born to ridicule and turn a body cold.

My sparrow soars through wind and flesh and digs between the seems.

It lays its eggs at night to haunt tomorrow from my dreams.

It’s light as half a drop of rain but perches like a rock.

Its pupils soak in glory stole from time, it bleeds my clock.

It holds the present captive weighed in stone and built from ice

And stands upon my body never interested in flight.

My sparrow’s healthy as a sunrise with its warmth to glow and spread

But it’s dark as night in color wound eternal is its thread.

It feeds and breathes and grows its grip and sinks its toes persistent

It leads from its tumultuous heart unknown to be repentant.

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